Temporary Hiatus

As a few of you may know, I have decided to take a temporary hiatus from taking on clients. This decision was a very difficult, yet at the same time, a very easy one for me to make. Let me explain:

I have two young children, aged 3 and 4 (’nuff said?;). Add to that, I am a perfectionist. I want to give my very best to my kids and my husband, but I also want to give my very best to my photography clients. I love taking portraits and I love to make my clients smile when they see their finished product.

However, my kids and family are my #1 priority. My kiddos are at home the majority of the time and I was finding it increasingly difficult (with the decrease and eventual disappearance of nap times) to properly focus my attention on both endeavors. While I don’t do a ton of editing to my portraits (I hate when you can tell a picture has been Photoshopped!), it does take quite a lot of time away from my sweet, wonderful and fun children. So while I am saddened to take a temporary respite, I know it is the right decision for me and my family. I know the moments I have with them is something I can never take back.

I am blessed to not have to work. Instead, I do it because I love photography and I love making people happy with memories of them and their families. As soon as I feel I will have the time to provide my clients with the level of service I want to be able to provide, while not detracting from my precious time with my children (in other words, when they are in school full time!), I will be back! And I will be sure to let everyone know when that day comes.

Until then, I will be posting some pictures of my family on occasion (got to keep those skills sharp!), and if anyone needs a photographer but doesn’t know where to go, I would be happy to help you with a referral who can help during this hiatus.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contacted me to take their portraits, and for those who have trusted me with their portraits in the past. I hope you will remember to come to me in the (not-too-distant) future for your portrait needs!

Take care and stay in touch!

Lissa Smith

Camille {Senior Portraits}

I’ve always been impressed by those who started honing their talents from a young age. Well, Camille is one of those people! She knew from a very young age that she wanted to play the flute AND dance. (When I was a kid, I had no idea what I wanted to do other than run around and play!) Camille not only started both dance and playing the flute, but she stuck with them- clearly she has a passion for these creative pursuits! I had a great time taking her pictures and documenting the things so unique to her! What a fun session!

Camille 13bw Camille 10 Camille 5 Camille 8 Camille 16 Camille 23

Brandon {High School Senior}

I took Brandon’s sister, Brooke’s, engagement pictures late last year and was happy to get the chance to take her brother’s pictures as well. Engagements and graduating seniors? What could be better than commemorating such big moments in people’s lives through photographs? This young man has plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, followed by college. He loves to wake board and slalom ski, amongst other crazy things. I’ve come to the conclusion, I am a big wimp- I could never do either of those! But I did love to hear all about it and learn some of his tricks of the trade- very cool stuff! 🙂

Brandon W. 19  Brandon W. 22   Brandon W. 8  Brandon W. 14  Brandon W. 6  Brandon W. 2 Brandon W. 18

Coleman Family

This was my first time shooting a session at Papago Park and we made it through without any serious injuries;) I also managed to get a few smiles out of the menfolk who purportedly NEVER smile for pictures. I’ll take it! What a great family!

Coleman 28  Coleman 2  Coleman 6  Coleman 1  Coleman 11  Coleman 25

I’ll take the smiles.

Coleman 14  Coleman 10

Graham Family

I love this family- and not just because they ARE family and I have to, but because they are genuinely cool, good people. I was excited I got the chance to document their beautiful family with more than just snap shots of goofy faces on my iPhone at family get togethers:)

Graham 29 Graham 3(5x7) Graham 41   Graham 35 Graham 7cGraham 38 Graham 8Graham 6

Chase {Family}

I love taking portraits of so many different personalities and being able to look back through my pictures remembering the behind-the-scenes for what caused someone to laugh or do something silly in the picture. At this particular shoot, my husband came along as my assistant since there were young kids and it was a wet and rainy day. He was certainly busy helping make the kids laugh (and probably their parents!) and keeping the kids warm and/or entertained while the grown-ups got their pictures taken. While my hubby was certainly being amusing, I am sure, I find the greatest pictures are when family members are interacting, joking around, or they just do something crazy and unexpected to make the subject of my picture laugh.  The Chase family knew exactly how to make each other smile and seemed to genuinely enjoy each others’ company, which always makes my job easier! Here are a few of my favorites from our session:)


Chase Family 26 Chase Family 22 Chase Family 18 Chase Family 20  Chase Family 9Chase Family 5 Chase Family 8  Chase Family 2

I am seriously becoming a sucker for the vintage look. Sometimes I can’t help but edit certain pictures with that look.

This picture was one that I just couldn’t resist.

Chase Family 12Vintage

Nickerson {Family}

I’ve gotten a little behind with my blog postings due to the Christmas card rush! Here is the Nickerson family which I took clear back in October! (I can’t believe how the time has flown by!) Cameron is a friend and co-worker of my husband’s so it was great to be able to spend some time with him and his family and get to know them a little better. They have two very sweet kids and we had a great time! The kids even got to test out my camera (aka Big Berthe:). We may have a couple of budding photographers on our hands. Here are a few of my favorites from our session.



Nickerson 26 Nickerson 25 Nickerson 23 Nickerson 15 Nickerson 11Nickerson 14   Nickerson 7 Nickerson 1Nickerson 4

Little Miss Ellie {6 Months Old}

This little gal is friends with my one year old daughter- as in they like to point and smile at each other, which is about as close to friendship as you can get at this age. She is a little sweetheart and always seems to have a smile on her face (except when she is ready to be done being photographed!).

Ellie 22 Ellie 21 Ellie 20 Ellie 19 Ellie 18 Ellie 17 Ellie 11

Ellie 16Ellie 13Ellie 10Ellie 15 Ellie 14  Ellie 12   Ellie 9 Ellie 8  Ellie 6 Ellie 5 Ellie 4 Ellie 3 Ellie 2 Ellie 7

Tyler Turns Two

My son turned two in May. He is the sweetest, most kindhearted little boy you have ever met. But he does have a mischievous side as well!


Tyler (177 of 34)

Tyler (204 of 34)

Tyler (203 of 34) Tyler (202 of 34) Tyler (184 of 34) Tyler (179 of 34)

  Tyler (152 of 168) Tyler (147 of 168) Tyler (129 of 168) Tyler (113 of 168) Tyler (111 of 168) Tyler (96 of 168) Tyler (44 of 168)

Ty Crash

Tyler (78 of 168)  Tyler (43 of 168) Tyler (42 of 168) Tyler (23 of 168) Tyler (1 of 3)