Camille {Senior Portraits}

I’ve always been impressed by those who started honing their talents from a young age. Well, Camille is one of those people! She knew from a very young age that she wanted to play the flute AND dance. (When I was a kid, I had no idea what I wanted to do other than run around and play!) Camille not only started both dance and playing the flute, but she stuck with them- clearly she has a passion for these creative pursuits! I had a great time taking her pictures and documenting the things so unique to her! What a fun session!

Camille 13bw Camille 10 Camille 5 Camille 8 Camille 16 Camille 23

Brandon {High School Senior}

I took Brandon’s sister, Brooke’s, engagement pictures late last year and was happy to get the chance to take her brother’s pictures as well. Engagements and graduating seniors? What could be better than commemorating such big moments in people’s lives through photographs? This young man has plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, followed by college. He loves to wake board and slalom ski, amongst other crazy things. I’ve come to the conclusion, I am a big wimp- I could never do either of those! But I did love to hear all about it and learn some of his tricks of the trade- very cool stuff! 🙂

Brandon W. 19  Brandon W. 22   Brandon W. 8  Brandon W. 14  Brandon W. 6  Brandon W. 2 Brandon W. 18

Coleman Family

This was my first time shooting a session at Papago Park and we made it through without any serious injuries;) I also managed to get a few smiles out of the menfolk who purportedly NEVER smile for pictures. I’ll take it! What a great family!

Coleman 28  Coleman 2  Coleman 6  Coleman 1  Coleman 11  Coleman 25

I’ll take the smiles.

Coleman 14  Coleman 10

Graham Family

I love this family- and not just because they ARE family and I have to, but because they are genuinely cool, good people. I was excited I got the chance to document their beautiful family with more than just snap shots of goofy faces on my iPhone at family get togethers:)

Graham 29 Graham 3(5x7) Graham 41   Graham 35 Graham 7cGraham 38 Graham 8Graham 6